Ayurveda as a Way of Exercise to Health

Ayurveda is not only the science of life and healing. It is also a way of exercise to health for longevity and good health. Apart from the physical exercise benefits, the holistic approach of Ayurveda also focuses on the positive influence of the spirit, senses, heart, and the mind. This influence can be customized to suit person’s individual needs for the balance.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda aims for the following physical benefits:

• Increased efficiency in elimination of toxins from the body.
• Increased efficiency of the metabolism, balance appetite, and digestion.
• Toned body and muscles.
• Body lightness.
• Increased ability for deeper breathing and inculcating more prana in the body system.
• Good posture.
• Enhanced coordination and flexibility.
• Enhanced vitality, strength, and energy.
• Enhanced circulation.

The holistic approach of Ayurveda aims for the following benefits for spirit, heart, and mind:

• Freedom of the spirit.
• Enhanced management ability for stress.
• Self-awareness.
• Enhanced respect and self-esteem for the human body.
• Sense of emotional balance.
• Enhanced ability and focus to concentrate.
• Enhanced strength mentally.
• Enhanced agility and mental alertness.

Exercising can be discomforting especially if the person reaches to the point that he or she became exhausted, sore, and strained to breathe the normal way. Once this happens, the body will generate free radicals that are implicated to premature aging and disease. If the body generates excessive amount of free radicals, it builds up within the body as well that will result to lowering of the person’s natural immunity. Over exercising tend to interfere with the body metabolism, thus it will cause slowing down of the person’s body.

The Ayurveda way of benefiting from exercise is to breathe normally through the nose. Once you begin to feel that you are pushing yourself so hard on the exercise, slow down and then resume without the feeling of being strained. Observe your body and it will guide you towards the optimum exercise level and type you needed. In addition, do the exercise accordingly to your comfort zone as this will nourish your emotions and heart as well as enhances your overall well-being.

According to Ayurveda experts, doing an exercise early in the morning helps elevate the energy levels for the day. It can help promotes the restful sleep experienced the previous night. Exercise in the evening can result of having trouble to sleep. Exercising just after a full meal or completely empty stomach is not recommended by Ayurveda experts. After eating a full meal, wait at least 3 hours before exercising. This is to avoid diverting the focus of the body from assimilating the nutrients and digesting the food. In about 15 minutes before exercising, eat something light like small portion of simmered fruits.

Exercising is a great benefit to one’s health. Do not look upon it as a means of achieving certain goals like losing weight or competing for an athletic event. Doing it the proper ways, look exercising itself as a health-giving activity. As you do exercising, focus on the activity, you are engaged in as well as breathing. Give positive attention to your workouts to add therapeutic benefits to your program. According to Ayurveda experts, exercising can be apprehended by warm oil self-massage for best results.

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